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Matt Bremer

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Matthew Edison Bremer
January 31, 1990 – March 26, 2012 


Unfortunately Matt’s death has left his family in a bad economic situation.

The official Matt Bremer’s Online Memorial, is collecting donations to help Matt’s dad recover from the funeral expenses. I’m not related to this page, but I as Matt’s fan I think that we should do our best to help ease his family’s pain. By donating, regardless of how big or small the amount is, you will be helping Matt’s dad to recover financially from the funeral expenses.

Please donate here:


Matt Bremer was a young guy, full of ambition, friend of his friends, a good son, a good grandson and a cheerful and loving guy. Matt was ambitious, he wanted to do well to support his struggling family, he wanted to help his dads, he wanted to help his aunt and he had a plan to achieve this.

A bit more than a year ago, Matt decided to start working in the porn industry, he had tried modelling but it seems that the pace was too slow and by the look of things he wouldn’t get to help his family the way he wanted soon enough. So Corbin Fisher seemed to be a viable alternative “only until he got his career started” as he told his grandmother, Corbin Fisher is one of the classiest sites in the gay and bisexual porn industry, a site famous for handpicking their models, and Matt certainly had the looks that fit the site.

Although according to his dad and best friend Jason Hammond, Matt was unsecured of his good looks and was self conscious about certain parts of his body, it was very clear to the people at Corbin Fisher that Matt’s natural good looks would attract a lot of people.

Matt was a dream come true for someone that does what I do – beyond handsome, so naturally attractive and fit (he loved junk food, hardly ever worked out, and yet still had a body most anyone would be jealous of). More importantly, though, he had the most open, accepting attitude when it came to sex and sexuality. From the first day we met him, he made no secret that, while he had a girlfriend and cared for and loved her deeply, he could appreciate and enjoy other men as well.

Indeed Matt was beautiful, and as soon as he started working for Corbin Fisher, his fans grew exponentially around the world (myself included), Matt had a different attitude in the CF, somehow his performances didn’t seemed contribed and that made you root for him, it made us want to meet him, hear what he has to say . Although a means to an end, his work with Corbin Fisher got many people around the world to admire him, if only life would have given him more time, I’m sure he would have found his path in life, the one that would realise the his dreams.

Many would argue that by working in porn, Matt ruined his chances of making it as an actor or as a succesful model, or as anything else he would have liked to be, but I don’t think that is true. Usually our paths in life change, our dreams swift and adapt themselves to the track our lives are following, and it takes a lot of courage to put yourself in front of a camera, and shared the most intimate side of you with thousands of people, that same courage can be applied to achieve anything you want to achieve.

Although other sites speculate with whether Matt had an addiction or not, I think this is incompletely irrelevant, he didn’t work for that, he worked to active success and achieve a position where he would help his family out of financial troubles for ever. The dreams of a young man in his 20s with a vision of a happier life for his family.

Matt Passing Away

Matt’s death in yet to be explained, toxicology reports haven’t been officially released, from the looks of it drugs didn’t have anything to so with Matt’s death.

His father found him unconscious, sitting down, no drugs paraphernalia and nothing to indicate that Matt was other thank asleep.

Matt’s dad and best friend Jason Hammond gives a heartbreaking description of what happened that awful morning of March 26th 2012:

This is Matt’s dad. There r no words to explain the pain I’m in over losing my baby boy and best friend in the whole world. I wouldn’t wish this feeling on anyone. My entire life was turned upside down when i went into his room that monday morning to turn his light off and found him peacefully sitting on the floor. I thought he had just fallen asleep. I tried to wake him up. And begged him and pleaded with him to wake up. And to just get up one more time. With his racing injuries and wrecks on the race track he would always get right up for me so i knew he was ok. But he wouldnt wake up and he wouldnt get up this time. He was an amazing person.

I can’t imagine what Mr. Hammond must be going through, I’m not sure if he knows what caused Matt’s death but I can imagine that the feeling of having your son and best friend taken from you so sudden and so soon must be devastating.

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